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I would like state that he had done great justice for my husband who was falsely accused by someone for stalking. After fighting almost a year to clear his name, we are quite happy with the results that Mark had done for his case. You can not only go wrong with Mark Fury. He
does treat you like family. The Maddox's

Evelyn Green


I can only speak for myself, Mark Fury worked hard on my case and as a client I appreciated his hard work and dedication. I have nothing but good things to say about Mr. Fury. He is an experienced attorney and gives 100% or more when working to defend you. Im also giving 5 stars to his wonderful staff especially Ms. Rhonda. I know if Im ever in need of an attorney, I run quick to Mr. Fury's office. Thank you to him and his staff, my past nightmare is finally over. From Tamara Johnson

Tamara J


I literally can't even believe the other reviews I'm reading on mark fury. . About 7 years ago I was sitting in a court room and I literally seen a lawyer putting a judge in place, I've never witnessed a lawyer correct a judge the way he did. I was amazed lol I asked for his name and I have used him for everything ever since, I also recommend all family and friends to him because he is so down to earth and he's never charged me very much at all. Mark keeps it real, he treats you Like family so I guess I can see why people take offense to some of the things he says but it's really all in good faith. mark never made any promises about the outcome of a case or a ticket matter because he's a lawyer and knows that he can't possibly decide for the judge. . Literally can't even believe the bad reviews on him, to me it sounds like he did all he can do they just don't agree with his attitude and I guess uptight people probably won't. Mark is down to earth, has a straight forward attitude and a sense of humor. I've literally went to him for things and he told me there was no need for a lawyer... HE COULD HAVE LET ME HIRE HIM AND CHARGE ME HUNDREDS LIKE EVERY OTHER LAWYER WOULD. . . Want someone honest, real, and fair in pricing that doesn't take any of the courts bs this is the guy you go to

Jazmyn Suszynski


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